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ZOX Breath Fresheners

ITEM #5103     3 rolls ZOX mints (12 mints per roll)   $8.00
ITEM #5106     6 rolls ZOX mints (12 mints per roll)     $13.50
 ITEM #5117     16 rolls ZOX mints (12 mints per roll)     $29.50

ZOX breath fresheners are the first 'breath mint' to actually neutralize VSC's rather than mask them. Containing the same zinc/oxygen/xylitol formula used in TheraBreath products, ZOX will stimulate saliva flow and eliminate bad breath and taste for hours. No Sugar, All-Natural, and only 5 calories!

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ITEM #5500   TheraBreath Plus Nasal / Sinus Drops (0.5 oz bottle)   $12.50
 ITEM #5501 TheraBreath Plus Nasal / Sinus Drops 3-pak (3-0.5 oz bottles)   $31.50

TheraBreath Plus Nasal-Sinus Drops are designed to attack the buildup of bacteria, mucous & post nasal drip behind the sinus, throat & tonsil area, which can't be reached with mouthwash alone. 3X action natural formula also soothes cold & flu symptoms by reducing the microbes in the naso-pharyngeal area.

ITEM #5414   Dr. Katz for Dogs Oral Solution 16 oz. bottle   $9.50

Dog Breath? It could mean that Your "best friend" may have a serious problem.

Periodontal Disease is the #1 disease in dogs and bad breath is one sign that your dog may be suffering. Now, there is a way to attack it naturally and effectively. Plus, we introduce the first Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs using Oxygenation which stops offensive odors, attacks fleas and ticks & soothes your dog's coat. Dr. Katz for Dogs products bring to you and your dog 21st Century science, which fights odors generated by sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria. The basis of these revolutionary home treatments has been proven thousands of times through the use of oxygenating compounds..



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Information courtesy of Dr. Harold Katz and Fresh Start LLC.