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  1. Where can I buy these products in Canada?
    Yaletown Marketing Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Dr. Katz's product lines in Canada. We have been supplying these products to Canadians all across the country since 1997 and carry the complete product line, with all products usually in stock. A very limited selection of products are available in drugstores and other retail outlets in Canada. Click here for more information on the product lines available in various stores.

  2. Why would I want to order from Yaletown Marketing Solutions?
    Yaletown Marketing Solutions is here to make ordering more convenient for you, and to save you money. By ordering from within Canada, you won't be subject to the additional duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and high credit card exchange rates that you would face if you ordered from the USA. Your delivery time is faster, and we offer different shipping methods to suit your needs. Plus, if you ever need to return an item to us, you can do so quickly and easily.

  3. I live in the Greater Vancouver area. Can I pick up my products at your office?
    Unfortunately not. In an effort to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you, we do not have a walk-in storefront at this time. Shipping costs in the lower mainland are very inexpensive, and delivery usually takes only one day, so you can still get your products quickly and easily.

  4. Can I order directly from Dr. Katz's office in Los Angeles?
    Yes. Dr. Katz's office is now shipping into Canada from their office in Los Angeles. You can order from them directly at or by calling toll-free 1 800 97 FRESH.
    Service standards from the US will be different. You will be charged in US dollars, orders will take longer to process, and shipping times will be longer, with the potential for additional duties, taxes, and brokerage fees payable when your parcel is delivered.
    It remains quicker, easier, and often cheaper to order from our office here in Vancouver.

  5. Where is your online order form?
    Tthe easiest way to place an order is by e-mail ( .

    You can now pay by PayPal, using your PayPal Account, Credit Card, or direct Bank Account withdrawal. Just send an email with your name, address, and list of the products that you require, and we'll prepare an invoice that you can pay instantly online.

    If you prefer, you can still pay us directly, ordering by phone, fax, or email. Click here to go to the page with all the details on how to order.

    Once we have processed your order, we will keep your address and payment information on file. That way, when you wish to place future orders, you can simply drop us an e-mail or leave a message with a list of the products that you require.

  6. I just called your office during your designated hours and got transferred to voicemail. Why?
    We do our best to be available to you Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific Time. If you live in the eastern part of the country, don't forget about the time change -- we are three hours behind Ontario and Quebec, for instance.

    Occasionally, we will miss a call if we are serving other customers or no one is available. If you are phoning to place an order, feel free to leave your information on our voicemail, and don't hesitate to leave a message. The voicemail is secure, so it is fine to leave mailing and/or credit card information. We attend to missed calls promptly -- there is no need to worry that your inquiry won't be handled. We can confirm receipt of your message by e-mail if you wish -- just let us know and make sure to leave your email address.

  7. I don't have a credit card. Can I still order?
    Absolutely. Canada Post offers a C.O.D. service, where we ship your order and you pay your letter carrier when it arrives by cash, personal cheque, or money order.

    There is a charge of $8.00 + GST for C.O.D. service, on top of your regular shipping charges.

    PayPal also offers the option of paying directly from your bank account, or you can mail us a cheque or money order.

    To use either of these methods, contact us by e-mail with a list of the products that you require, along with your mailing address and desired shipping method. We will let you know the exact total, including shipping and taxes. Then you can send us a cheque or money order, and we will ship your order when we receive your payment.

  8. How long will it take to receive my products?
    That depends. Our weekday cutoff for shipping is 1:00 pm Pacific Time. If we receive your order before that time, it should go out the same day. Orders placed on weekends ship the following Monday. Delivery standards vary depending on where you live and the type of shipping you request. See for more details.

  9. How long do the products last?
    That's a tough question. Different people seem to have very different patterns of usage, and with all the different products that we offer, it is important for you to determine what is right for you.

    As a rule of thumb, you can expect one of the Starter Kits to last about a month. But that doesn't mean that you will have to re-order all of those products every four weeks. We include a variety of items so that you can try them and see what fits best into your lifestyle. Most people with bad breath and taste find that a routine of Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, and tongue cleaning will do the job.

    The shelf life on these products is about three years. So if you are thinking about ordering a larger quantity, don't worry -- it won't go bad sitting in your bathroom cabinet!

  10. How come you don't offer the free shipping that's on the US website? What about the other specials and coupons that I see on the US site?

Here's the short answer: our product costs are much higher than in the US. We pay wholesale prices to Dr. Katz -- and they make a profit on that. Plus, we have to pay for the cost of importing the product into Canada, which adds roughly another 20%. There is not much room to cut our pricing and still cover our operating costs.

We do our best to keep our pricing competitive with the US, and to make up any difference to you with stellar customer service. We hope that peace of mind is enough to keep you coming back.

After fifteen years of selling these products, we know that they work, and we appreciate the patronage of our customers. We are doing everything we can to make it easy to order and to keep these products as affordable as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

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