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 ITEM #5914    TheraBreath Plus Oral Rinse (16 oz.)    $16.00
 ITEM #5919    TheraBreath Plus Toothpaste (4 oz.)         $16.00

TheraBreath Plus was designed for those very difficult cases, which would necessitate extra antimicrobial therapy that most people would not need. After experimenting with various natural compounds that reduce bad breath, sour taste, and dry mouth dramatically, we formulated TheraBreath+ with these finest ingredients: Oxyd-8 (Concentrated) Tea Tree Oil (concentrate) - a great antimicrobial from the Australian Melalucca Tree Co-Enzyme Q10 - to energize cell healing Zinc Gluconate - bonds with bacterial receptors to inhibit odor production Medical Grade Aloe Vera - to regenerate oral tissue TheraBreath+ is available as an Oral Rinse, as a Toothpaste, and as a Breath Spray.

TheraBreath Plus Power Drops
ITEM #5988   TheraBreath Plus Power Drops (0.5 oz)
 ITEM #5987   TheraBreath Plus Power Drops 4-pak (4-0.5 oz bottles) $38.00

TheraBreath Throat Spray
ITEM #5913   TheraBreath Throat Spray (1 oz.)   $9.00
 ITEM#5915     TheraBreath Throat Spray 3-pak (3-1 oz. bottles)    $23.00

TheraBreath Throat Spray (1 oz.) This is the powerful, clinical formula used at the California Breath Clinics, combined with an easy-swivel sprayer to neutralize sulfur-producing bacteria at the source.

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TEM #5500   TheraBreath Plus Nasal / Sinus Drops (0.5 oz bottle)  $12.50
 ITEM #5501 TheraBreath Plus Nasal / Sinus Drops 3-pak (3-0.5 oz bottles)  $31.500

TheraBreath Plus Nasal-Sinus Drops and Spray are designed to attack the buildup of bacteria, mucous & post nasal drip behind the sinus, throat & tonsil area, whicht can't be reached with mouthwash alone. 3X action natural formula also soothes cold & flu symptoms by reducing the microbes in the naso-pharyngeal area.

ITEM #5907 TheraBreath Plus Basics   $29.00

1 bottle TheraBreath PlusOral Rinse
1 tubeTheraBreath Plus Tooth Gel
1 Tongue Cleaner

 ITEM #5918   TheraBreath Plus Custom Pak   $116.00

8 items -- any combination of TheraBreath Plus Oral Rinse and Tooth Gel. You tell us how many of each item you need!

ITEM #5917 TheraBreath Plus Bonus Pak C  $162.00

12 bottles TheraBreath Plus Oral Rinse
4 tubes TheraBreath Plus Tooth Gel
1 tongue cleaner
1 SuperSoft English Toothbrush



TheraBreath+ (Plus) - The Strongest Oral Product Available
Information courtesy of Dr. Harold Katz and Fresh Start LLC.

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